Register a company for $295 [all-inclusive].

To register a company in New Zealand you will need:
  • a registered company office in New Zealand – this can be any physical address.
  • at least one director and shareholder - but the director and shareholder 
    can be the same person, making a one-person company possible. 
  • At least one director who lives in New Zealand.  [You will be asked to provide evidence of the home address of every director].

The process:

With your assistance we can register a company within one business day

  • You send us the order form – by email direct from this website

  • We immediately get the company’s name approved, and

  • We email you forms which must be signed by each director and shareholder. You also need to prove the identity and home addresses of the directors.  We will explain how that is done when we email the forms to you.

  • You return those forms by email,  and also post them to us.

  • We immediately form the company,  email the completed company and its documents to you [and courier them if you have chosen the $360 option].

If you have not previously ordered a company from us,  we ask that the company be pre-paid

This can be done via the order form which enables payment by direct bank credit [which we prefer], or credit card, or cheque.

We will happily refund your payment if you cancel before we have registered the company, but we will charge a $10 administration fee if the payment was made by credit card.

For more details go to Company FAQ’s