To register a company you go through the following process:

  1. A name is chosen for the company.
  2. The Ministry of Economic Development [MED] approves the name after a $10.33 filing fee is paid.
  3. The proposed company’s details are filed at the MED – details include the names and addresses of directors and shareholders, the number of shares held by each shareholder, the company’s street and postal addresses, whether the company has a constitution, whether the company wants to get an IRD number, etc…
  4. Another filing fee [this time of $153.33] is paid
  5. The directors and shareholders file signed forms at the MED, consenting to their being directors and shareholders
  6. The MED issues a “Certificate of Incorporation” which is the proof that the new company exists
  7. The new company issues the shares to the shareholder(s) who signed consents
  8. The new company creates a set of Registers, as required by the Companies Act 1993

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