The NZ Companies Register is a list of all the companies which now exist,
or ever have existed in New Zealand. It is maintained by the Ministry of
Economic Development [MED], through a division called the Companies

When a new company is registered, the NZ Companies Register will
automatically list all the details of directors, shareholders and company
addresses. This information will be available to any member of the public who
wishes to search it.

Whenever a company’s details change [eg if a new director is appointed], the
company is required by law to update the NZ Companies Register. This is
done on the internet, at

Despite the fact that the MED has this information, each individual company
is required to keep its own Registers of Directors, shareholders etc. Once
again, there are penalties if the company’s own Registers are not kept up to
date. It is particularly important for your company to keep a Share Register –
it is the only record of who owns the company.

When Standard Companies Ltd forms a company we supply all the required
Registers and also give detailed information on when and how to keep them

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