New company registration is now far faster than it used to be. Not many years ago it took about a month to complete a new company registration. Now it takes a couple of hours.

In the old, slow days, it was common to form “Shelf Companies”. These were prepared in advance and [as their name suggests] sat on a shelf until somebody wanted a company in a hurry. At that point the name of the company would be changed, the director would resign, the shares would be transferred to the new owner and sometimes the number of shares would have to be increased or decreased. All those tasks made the sale of the company quite a lot more complicated than the original setup. But shelf companies were popular because people often wanted a company in a hurry.

That is no longer necessary. If you want us to, and if you assist, we can form a new company in an hour. So now, every company we supply is a new company, not a shelf company. It is registered with the name, directors, shareholders and shares that you want.

And it has all the Registers, opening minutes and information you need in order to comply with the law.

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