Domain names, trademarked brands and company names all form part of your companies intellectual property, these are considered assets of the business and along with the value of your customer base and potential future sales are a key part of the goodwill portion of your business when you sell it.

When registering a company it is a good idea to consider the other things you could be registering as well to add to the value of your intellectual property and prevent others from registering similar or identical brands to your company name.

Domain Names today are a key asset of most businesses, at a minimum you should be registering your New Zealand ( and International (.com) domains if you plan to trade internationall.

Even if you do not want to setup a website initially, registering domain names gives you a professional email address (@youcompanyname rather than @hotmail or @xtra) and protects your name from others who may want to benefit from your brand.

Also consider Trademark applications for any trading names or brands you are going to promote along with your company name, logos and slogans, this will prevent other companies (at least in NZ) from benefiting from your branding.

Standard Companies and PumpCMS (the fantastic team who set this CMS website up for us) can assist you with all your domain name needs at the same time you register your company, just let us know which domains you would like to register and we will get this organised for you.

Steve Edhouse