Intellectual property, domain names, websites etc.

Domain names, trademarked brands and company names all form part of your companies intellectual property, these are considered assets of the business and along with the value of your customer base and potential future sales are a key part of the goodwill portion of your business when you sell it. When registering a company it is a good idea to consider the other things you could be... > Read more

Company Registers

A company is sometimes called a “legal person” because it has many of therights and obligations of a real person. For example, it can own property,operate a bank account, sue people, shift to Australia and decide to changejobs. It can also marry [see amalgamations] and commit suicide... > Read more

New Company

New company registration is now far faster than it used to be. Not many years ago it took about a month to complete a new company registration. Now it takes a couple of hours. In the old, slow days, it was common to form “Shelf Companies”. These were prepared in advance and... > Read more

New Company Name

You can call the new company anything you like, except that: it must end with the word “limited”, or the abbreviation “ltd” it can not be identical or almost identical to an existing company’s name it can not include certain words [eg, Royal,... > Read more

Register a Company

To register a company you go through the following process: A name is chosen for the company. The Ministry of Economic Development [MED] approves the name after a $10.33 filing fee is paid. The proposed company’s details are filed at the MED – details include the... > Read more

NZ Companies Register

The NZ Companies Register is a list of all the companies which now exist,or ever have existed in New Zealand. It is maintained by the Ministry ofEconomic Development [MED], through a division called the CompaniesOffice.When a new company is registered, the NZ Companies Register willautomatically... > Read more