New Company Registration Specialists

New company registration has been our specialty since 1990. We have formed tens of thousands of companies for accountants, solicitors and the general public around New Zealand since then. Our service is fast, complete and expert.

A new company comes with:

  • everything it needs to comply with the New Zealand Companies Act
  • information to assist with ongoing administration

New company for $295 [inc. gst 38.48]

  1. This is the best-priced service in New Zealand
  2. Includes filing fees $164 paid by us
  3. Instant response to your order
  4. A simple, fast process
  5. New company routinely provided same day
  6. Certificate of Incorporation
  7. All required Registers [Directors, Share, Address etc]
  8. Constitution
  9. Opening Minutes
  10. IRD registration for the new company [if you want it]
  11. GST registration, tax agent linking [if you want them]

Two different price options.  $295 or $360.  Which is better?

1. The $295 option:  We email the completed company's  paperwork straight to your computer.  [Registers, Constitution, Minutes and information].  You can update it on-screen and print all or any part of it whenever you want.

2.  A $360 option:  Some people like to have hard copies in front of them,  so we offer a printed, indexed folder of the company's  paperwork as an optional extra.  This good quality ring binder can also be used as the company's  Minute Book. That adds $65 in costs [printing, stationery, courier etc],  taking the total price to $360.

You can choose between these options on the order form

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